View from the south lawnView from the south lawnIt all melted!! Maybe November will just be bare!
Looking toward Pigeon HillLooking toward Pigeon HillLooking toward Pigeon Hill
Deb, Kathy, Morgan in a good game with Sister Bernadette!Deb, Kathy, Morgan in a good game with Sister Bernadette!There was a rousing recent game of bingo! To see more, look at the News item below!
Birch and road down to the cemeteryBirch and road down to the cemetery
View of the CemeteryView of the CemeteryView of the most recent section of the cemetery
View to the southeast woodsView to the southeast woods
Our Pastoral Adminisrator visited recently. See the News item below!
Retreat Center from the southRetreat Center from the southThe Retreat Center from the south
Patio between the guest wing and retreat centerPatio between the guest wing and retreat center
Coming to the patio between the Retreat Center and the sister's wingsComing to the patio between the Retreat Center and the sister's wings
West road into the parking lotWest road into the parking lotWest road to the front entrance

Welcome to Mount Saint Benedict Monastery

Imagine a place where hospitality and love overflow. You distinctly feel the presence of God. You stand in awe of the beautiful surroundings. That place is Mount Saint Benedict Monastery.


We, the Sisters of Saint Benedict, Crookston, Minnesota, are monastic women committed to living the Gospel and the Rule of Benedict. We strive for awareness of God through prayer, service, and reverence for all creation in a spirit of peace and joy.



Scripture of the Day

Reading daily the liturgical scriptures of the day enlivens our faith and helps focus each day on Gospel living.

Prayer Requests

We invite you to share your prayer requests and ensure you that the sisters will be remembering you in prayer.


Please pray for the following intentions as guided by the Holy Spirit:

-For my best friend Nikolas, to be healed of his diabetes and by God’s grace, grow to believe in the miraculous. Please pray for his conversion to the faith.

-For our friend Margie, who continues to make poor decisions, and suffers as a result financially. May she learn how to cope with her wounds and traumas, and be honest with herself, knowing that God is always near, to comfort and love her. May the Lord bring her qualified people to help her carry her cross.

-For John, a fallen away Catholic and co-worker who admits to live in sin, even though he knows better. May he find the strength to go to confession and be freed of his shame and guilt.

-for James, may he be cured of his anger and addiction to alcohol. May he come to know the freedom and soul nourishing effects of charity and peace.

-for Allan, who has a reputation as a very deceitful, and wicked person. I ask for prayers for his healing and illumination of conscience.

-For my own soul to be blessed with the grace to truly grow in purity and humility, that I may be a better servant and doer of God's will.

Received: August 30, 2022

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