MSB Foundation

Mount Saint Benedict Foundation has as its mission to help provide for the needs of our retired sisters of Mount Saint Benedict Monastery and to support the ministries of our sisters. Several years ago Catholic Sisters across the country realized that there were insufficient funds to provide for the needs of the retired sisters and there were fewer new members to help bridge this gap. In order to provide for the needs of the sisters two things happened:

  • The annual collection in parishes was instituted, and while American Catholics were generous on their giving, the funds collected would not cover the need.
  • Communities began fundraising programs. We Crookston Benedictines also engaged in fundraising, and we started a foundation through which the funds were raised and managed.

The generosity of our donors has been without parallel! We cannot thank them enough, and our gift to them is our prayer. They are prayed for monthly in a Mass celebrated specifically for them, they are remembered during our daily Liturgy of the Hours, and if they send in specific prayer requests they are placed in our prayer request book.

May blessings come to our donors magnified beyond their wildest dreams!