In a religious community, a Jubilee is the celebration of the number of years the religious woman has faithfully dedicated her life to God and to the monastic community.  At Mount Saint Benedict, the jubilee years begin with profession of monastic promises.

2018 Jubilees:

70 years

Sister Laurian Lasha, Sister Mary Jean Gust, and Sister Agatha Hermann

75 years

Sister Rosella Dentz, Sister Petronilla Hermann

Seated: Sr. Laurian Lasha Left to Right: Sr. Kathleen McGeary, Sr. Mary Jean Gust, Sister Agatha Hermann, and Sr. Shawn Carruth
Seated: Sr. Rosella Dentz Left to Right: Sr. Kathleen McGeary and Sr. Shawn Carruth; Not pictured: Sr. Petronilla Hermann
Jubilee celebrations for sisters celebrating more than 50 years are held in a private community celebration.