Prayer Requests

We invite you to share your prayer requests and ensure you that the sisters will be remembering you in prayer.

You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!


Dear sisters, Please I ask for prayers upon my family to be blessed with peace happiness good health and blessings upon our jobs in the new year 2021..also pray for my pregnant daughter for a healthy baby and a safe delivery..

Thank you.

Received: December 30, 2020


For healing for Anthony from mental illness, anxiety, depression, addiction, and other illnesses. May God bless him with complete recovery and may the Holy Spirit guide his path to a happy, healthy, productive 2021. Thank you

Received: December 28, 2020


Please dear God sever any and all negativity in all of our lives. Please bring back and save Shirantha’s true spirit, self, and soul that is loving, kind and caring. Thank you for getting all of us in the protection of the dome with only God’s light and love in it. Please protect Orion and Athena from all negativity from Shirantha and Susila at all times. Let us always see God’s truth and to see past all of the obstacles and illusions of the negativity, to hear only your voice dear God and be guided by your love and truth. Please make us victorious over the battle with the negativity and live a great and loving life through God’s grace. Amen.

Received: December 28, 2020

Tim Connors

Please pray that the doctor and the Lord can eliminate my elderly mother’s UTI issue and bring her oxygen level way up quickly. Please pray for her overall health to the best it can possibly be. Thanks so much.

Received: December 26, 2020

Anita Torre

I ask prayers for Anita Torre so that she will soon be able to find a good husband. Already an orphan of her father she is also losing her mother. Pray for her so that she does not remain alone.

Received: December 25, 2020


Holy Mary Mother of God... please pray for those victims of the bombing in Nashville. Pray for the opening of hearts and the triumph of Love and Peace over the counterfeits of evil. May the Spirit of Christmas prevail over the tyranny of ungrateful men.

May your Grace fill your children with joy and protect us from the anger and violence of this age of sorrow and plague... Amen

Received: December 25, 2020


Pray for my healing, high blood pressure, anxiety, chronic sinusitis, headaches and dizziness.

Also pray for my financial situation to improve.

For a long awaited home of my own.

Thank you

Received: December 25, 2020


My mother, Sandy was just diagnosed with covid. Please pray for her immediate healing. Thx

Received: December 24, 2020


Pray that I can find a house in a neighborhood that I can buy. There are too many people moving here for me to compete with, younger people with money. Please pray God will help me buy something because I can not afford to rent in this area. Maybe a mobile home to renovate. Pray for ideas. I do not want to be a bag lady.

Received: December 23, 2020

Laurie Reinmann

Please, my dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS, please heal Tom completely of his heart attack.  Please, my dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS, please heal Lauren and Tom completely of all of their migraines and headaches.  Please, my dearest JESUS, please always heal, bless, protect and preserve Kathryn and Lauren’s eyes, eyesight, and vision.  Please my dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS please always heal, bless and protect Kathryn, Lauren, Tom, Josh, and me with all of your Holy, Heavenly, Healing, Divine, Miraculous blessings forever and ever. 

Holy Mary Mother of GOD please pray for us.  St. Peter Claver, please pray for us.  St. Francis Borgia, please pray for us.  St. Elizabeth, please pray for us. St. Benedict, please pray for us.  I love you my Sacred Heart of JESUS.  Thank you my Sacred Heart of JESUS. Thank you everyone for your prayers. GOD bless you always.  Please, my Sacred Heart of JESUS, please bless Lauren with a successful and joyful transition to her new job.  Thank you my JESUS.  Please my Sacred Heart of JESUS, please let Lauren love her new job and please let everyone at Lauren’s new job love Lauren, too.  Thank you, my Sacred Heart of JESUS.

Received: December 22, 2020

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