Prayer Requests

We invite you to share your prayer requests and ensure you that the sisters will be remembering you in prayer.

You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!


I have recently been laid off from both my jobs. This is as I am just getting financially stable after years of hardship.

My request is for the Lord to to again provide quickly and abundantly for monetary needs and a career where my gifts and talents can be used. These are urgent needs. Thank you

Received: September 27, 2019


Please pray for healing for my friend Whitney to cure her lupus.

Received: September 26, 2019


I pray for the upcoming echo-cardiogram results to be normal; the last ones indicated heart failure. E-mail loved. Amen.

Received: September 25, 2019

Pia Aycocho

Please pray for my 3 year old son Benedict's (whom we name after St. Benedict) healing. He has bronchitis and has fever for days. Please pray for him dear sisters that the Lord will touch and restore him to good health. Please also pray that his body temperature becomes normal. Thank you very much sisters.

Received: September 25, 2019


Please pray for my son Russell that he would repent and return to the Lord and be healed from drug addiction and sexual immorality. That he would take care of his family and fear the Lord. Pray that the Lord would create in my son a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within him (Psalm 51:10) May my son Russell walk after You, God, and fear You and keep Your commandments and obey Your voice. May he serve You and hold fast to You (Deuteronomy 13:4). Pray Russell would be strong and courageous and not fear or be in dread, for it is You, Lord, our God, who goes with him. You will never leave him or forsake him (Deuteronomy 31:6). Pray that Russell would walk before You, God, as King David walked, with integrity of heart and uprightness, doing according to all that You have commanded him and keeping Your statutes and rules (1 Kings 9:4) and like Timothy, may my son be an example to believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity (1 Timothy 4:12). Pray that Russell would listen to the way of wisdom and be led in the paths of uprightness (Proverbs 
4:11). Lord, be with my son in trouble; rescue him and honor him (Psalm 91:5).Pray that Russell would honor his father and mother (Ephesians 6:2).and have love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith (1 Timothy 1:5). Pray that Russell would think on whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is commendable; if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, may he think about these things (Philippians 4:8). that he would have the mind of Jesus Christ.

Received: September 24, 2019


Please pray for me and many loved ones desperate for healing.

Received: September 23, 2019


Please pray for me.

I'm having a hormonal glitch. Broken seratonin-dopamine metabolism, because of this I can not sleep without pills. The impulses during the passage of the cell membrane are disturbed. In the name of Jesus Christ, I proclaim the restoration of seratonin-dopamine metabolism! Pulses are recovering. I am well in the name of Jesus Amen

Received: September 23, 2019


I am a Christian guy and law student. I need a prayer to pass the last exam that I recently wrote. Also pray for me to secure an articling position at any law firm or a suitable position in the government (I have exams and interviews related to positions). I have been studying hard and currently doing a job that is not related to the legal field, which is making me feel down.

Received: September 22, 2019


I go on my birthday (23-09-2019) to South Africa with my husband for a few weeks, for the first time together. He has worked there in the past as a missionary. Please pray for me for I still need many many many graces and miracles so I can deliver soon from my problems in economics, finance, and employment. Pray please also that God will lead me this time to work that I love, and that has value. Guide me to a place with an atmosphere of respect and cooperation, in a (very important to me) safe and happy environment. Help me to find fulfillment mentally and above all also very much in the financial aspect. Please continue to pray for a new job for me and for finances. Please pray for us. Thanks in advance and wish you all God's blessings.

Received: September 22, 2019


Oh God, praying to remove all obstacles in my relationship with SM. Fill her mind with love and care towards me. Bless us to love each other unconditionally and unite our heart with love. Make us love each other till last breath. Amen

Received: September 21, 2019

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