Prayer Requests

We invite you to share your prayer requests and ensure you that the sisters will be remembering you in prayer.

You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!

Laurie Maitland

Please pray that parents are guided to take notice of the songs their children are listening to, and help them NOT listen to some of the available music which is full of inappropriate thoughts and language.

Received: April 22, 2020


Please pray for the temporal and spiritual needs of James.

Received: April 22, 2020

Phil Chavez

Please pray healing for hearing loss, memory, bad posture, body pain, blood Pressure and others. Pray for excellent health from head to toe and long life for Lorraine C. now in Jesus's name. Pray debt will be gone from Lorraine C. In Jesus name. Pray that Lorraine C.'s possessions (House, cars, appliances Est.) will last a 100 times longer and become newer each day in Jesus Name. I pray for Lorraine C. and please pray for excellent health from head to toe and long life for my uncle Seve C.

Received: April 22, 2020

Bill and Carol

Updated Prayer Requests:

For Easter mercy and peace now and in the days ahead ... 2020,'21.. oh God we pray!

Prayer for Mercy and Peace!

Sisters and Community of Prayer,

Thank you for praying with all of us during this dark time history.

Just know we are praying with you daily.

Please continue to pray with us daily Now and in the days ahead - 2020, 2021... for God's mercy, healing and protecting peace in these dark times. We are all vulnerable, especially seniors, children and people with health issues.

Please if Possible? Can you pass our Urgent Prayer Request on to other Communities(Women and Men) of Prayer that you know of? Long Term?

Thank you for your kindness,

In His Peace,

In His Mercy and Peace.

Bill and Carol. oh. usa

PS. We continue to have feelings of loss after years ago when we lost our only son.

Received: April 22, 2020

Anthony M Jacobson

For the Holy Fathers intentions. For the poor. For an end to abortion. For the holy souls in purgatory. For the: Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, Home of the Mother, the Capuchins, Rosary confraternity, Blue Army, Salvation Army, Red Cross, Assoc. of the Miraculous Medal, EWTN, Marian Helpers, Light in the Darkness. For: John S., Ken R., Tom M., Andrew B. For the Jacobson and Mekoski family. For devotion to Mary and St. Joseph. That Solanus Casey & Fulton Sheen become saints.

Received: April 20, 2020


Pray for Lloyd and Sharon's severe heart failures / complications, Lloyd's asthma and heart pump malfunction and breathing problems. Amen. I, Lloyd, find each day very challenging with my health. Sharon is more at peace with her struggles: impeded walking, severe arthrities in legs, back and knees, inoperable massive AB incisional hernia, severe edema and very high BP, IBS, obesity, etc. and our other serious ailments. Thanks!

Received: April 20, 2020


Kindly pray for my son he is suffering from ADHD, he is on medications; I feel my son is stressed and anxiety also has anger issues; Lord Jesus Kindly I beg you please heal my son from ADHD, stress,anxiety, learning disorders and emotion disorders; Kindly Heal my son Lord Jesus; I have strong faith that Lord Jesus will miraculously cure my son from ADHD,Stress, anxiety,learning and emotional disorders and anger issues

In Jesus name I pray Amen

Received: April 18, 2020


prayers for TS for healing from a concussion

Received: April 17, 2020

Julian Fernandez

This is primarily in prayer for all innocent victims who suddenly and unexpectedly died in the unprecedented coronus virus all over the world, that they may be forgiven their entire life’s sins in the blood of Jesus Christ and enter into heavenly peace, and that their families be consoled in their sorrows. That all those who are attacked by the corona virus be healed in the painful wounds of Jesus Christ and all those doctors, nurses and attendants be protected and blessed including all those attending the dead in the disposal of the dead bodies, amen. That all those in the medical research, government and health authorities be guided by the Holy Spirit work honestly financial and helping in this gigantic mammoth problem without any selfish gains or politicizing. Amen.

Received: April 16, 2020


Mother of God!

I am a lonely ,sick teacher and am out of an employment contract. My old father has vision problem, and weak immunity. I am asking for my prayer with all my heart. For the soul of my mother who died last year. For protection against infection.

God bless you!

Received: April 15, 2020

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