Prayer Requests

We invite you to share your prayer requests and ensure you that the sisters will be remembering you in prayer.


I beg you to pray for us, I am so bad, so desperate, I have nothing else in my head, The hell we are living with my family, we no longer have life, no peace, He doesn't eat or sleep anymore, he doesn't go to Mass in peace, we're sick, We've lost a lot of weight, especially my brother, it's all crazy, endless, sometimes I just wait for death, and I'm very positive, to the point that I began to read about people living the ecm, (near death experience), to see how it is there, if it is better, if I can finally have a life, because here I feel that nothing good will come to us, because nothing changes, no matter how much we pray, In short, I also tell you, that now they attack us every Thursday, Friday and Sunday, that the days my brother serves in the church and we are at Mass and serving and worshiping, it is fatal, we are spending a few critical days, we feel death as close and glued as a dress, and we can no longer, it multiplies n the enemies, my brother already of sadness, because, we are alone, sick, without money, no matter how much we pray and endure everything, We were not blessed with sincere people, we always had the cross, we were touched by ubanda people, as neighbors, tenants and friends, and already with so much persecution and phone calls, 26 calls from 26 different phones to drive crazy and scare my brother, and not knowing who does it, and even when, they are already leading him to feel a deep depression, he even says, I feel very lonely, I can't stand this sadness, I can't do it anymore, they are killing me, and I fear that they will do it, if the Lord does nothing, nothing is right, the business is so stagnant, and with These Ubandistas, Diego and Andrea, glued to our tenants, filling their heads and turning them against, and they, we discovered that they are also ubandas, I beg your prayer for Carmelo, Mama Delia and I Teresa, especially for the depression of Carmel and this polyp that came to me, for the business, so we can rent, these locations in Jean Jaures 905 and Rawson 445, because we need to get out of debt, and for these people Diego and Andrea, who do not bother us anymore and that these Ubandas, Carina and David, who are renting us a place, fix the floor that they are breaking in time. Please put us in as soon as you can, to pray for us, We are very desperate, We are from Argentina.

Received: January 27, 2020

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