Prayer Requests

We invite you to share your prayer requests and ensure you that the sisters will be remembering you in prayer.

Bobby Standen

Praise God for provision, health, safety, grace, mercy and all the answered prayers.


PRAYERS FOR THE USA to understand consequence of voting for each of the two candidates and Pray God Leads. PRAYER FOR ALL CHRISTIAN LEADERS, TEACHERS, PASTORS, AND CHRISTIANS TO take prayer and fasting seriously this week and coming months as we head into the election.

Pray for the leaders of this nation to look at the national debt and to quit spending monies we do not have and heading us to bankrupt US.

Pray for the nation to work on underlying issues where Black AND MINORITIES feel there may be injustice or inequality or where there is injustice and inequality.

Extra prayers for the President, Vice President and Administration – God lead them. Guide them. Protect Them. Pray for Honesty.

Prayer for healing over US Racism.

Again – lots of Prayer for education system and people to be able to elect the schools their children go to help those in inner city, certain schools to elect to send their children to better schools. Pray for quality teachers are placed in inner city, poor rated schools. PRAY for educational institutions to support freedom of speech and to act on these hate acts (no matter who is doing them – stop)

PRAY for news media to get back to being objective. Pray for more diversification in news / media outlets. Pray for God to provide adequate funding for police and national security and Pray for God to overcome the evil and leftist political agendas to defund police. Protection over the police – majority are good and trying to do well. Prayer for the Police as majority are good, honest and trying to do a good job.

Pray politicians at Federal Government and State Goernments like Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle have to be accountable for their actions.

Extra prayers for the upcoming election and for God to put His People into Office.

PRAY FOR NEWS MEDIAS – Salvation and to present facts and get out of bias political agendas and hatred and creating undue anxiety.

Pray for COVID and the supposed new Chinese Virus that has started there to end and be brought under control. Prayer for President Trump/Pence and other US leaders to enable them to make the right decisions and bring COVID under control and have ability to open up jobs. Pray for smooth re-opening of the US and Worldwide and removal of all of the lockdowns due to COVID and that people are able to get back to work and provide for themselves and their families REMOVE Lockdowns. Pray for COVID cases diminish. Pray for those that have been in abusive home situations, that have been seriously depressed and/or have serious anxiety or that have lost everything, lost their businesses, loss of family/friends, or those that died or have serious impacts due to delayed surgeries and/or medical treatment or having challenge with people returning to work due to high unemployment compensation and that God bless according to His will/plans..

Pray for truth and accountability!

Pray for all political parties to be Godly, have ethics, integrity and willing to work together for God and for this Nation. Pray for revival in this nation and this nation turning back to God.

Pray for God and the Constitution to be the source for this country & not put into office people that cannot swear on bible and cannot or will not uphold the constitution. Pray as God gives wisdom to leaders to manage & reduce the national debt that both republicans and democrats work together on reduction of National Debt.

Prayer for students in our elementary Jr high, high schools, colleges to cease the bullying, hatred. Help each student to set a positive example.

Prayer for teachers and school administrator’s salvation – teaching of truth, supporting Christian truths, values & teaching history of our nation and honesty about history. Teachers to support, encourage positive exchange of personal opinions and acceptance by all.

Prayer for the NFL, NASCAR, US SPORTS/ATHELETES and other such organizations to put God First and to show proper respect for the United States, Flag, National anthem.

Pray for the Government and we the people to quit Enabling people to not take accountability for their lives and finances.

Prayer For people impacted by mass killings, hurricanes, forest hires, hate crimesor our senior citizens & veterans and they get as much respect or greater than illegals.

Pray for the health insurance programs in America, excessive costs, lack of proper benefits.

Prayer for family, friends, current & past co-workers, owners, managers and those in prayer journal, contacts in our Facebooks. Linked in, emails (business and personal) contacts now and in the past, neighbors, room-mates and ex room-mates, neighbors, church members / attendees that are unsaved and claim their salvation in the name of Jesus Christ. Let them know God has never failed them.

Prayer for family, friends and those in prayer journal, facebook, business & personal email contacts, cell phone contacts, neighbors, church members/attendees who are struggling with mental, physical, emotional illnesses/challenges as well as those with challenges in work place (which is most people including Christians), loss of jobs, under-employed, struggling financially.

Prayer for protection over each of us as during this COVID we reach out to develop new relationships and try to meet people in safe environments. Keep us safe, protect us and show us which doors to open.

Prayer for those in homes that are abusive. God help them, protect them.

Prayer for those suffering from depression, anxiety, fear during this COvid. God heal them, give them peace.

Prayer for protection of the young children that are using social media more today due to current life but also due to lock down.

Also please pray for all of Christian’s unemployed/under-employed at this time. For all we pray for provision, peace and claim God opening the right door for next job opportunity. Prayer for open doors & God’s leading, guidance, direction, protection. God provide us with the skill set we need to enable us to succeed in the new environment.

Pray for our Christian churches, missionaries worldwide – God be with each and every one of them. Protect them, guide them, provide for them, and Lead them. Prayer for strong leaders & Godly people within His churches, missionaries and others.

Pray each of the Christians here in US and World Wide step out of their comfort zone and pray to God for Him to open doors for people lives we can touch – in words, in actions, in deed as He guides.

Holy Spirit to be with & fill each and every Christians in this nation & particularly those in prayer journal and in Christian ministries. Guide His People, Draw His people into reading His Word and Praying to the One True God. Prayer for the financial needs of Christian Churches/Ministries. Draw the right Christians out to be of service to Him in our Govt Offices, Schools, Classrooms, Businesses, Churches, Community. We need God’s people in these roles now. God please open the doors and bring in your people!!! Let our lives reflect Christ. May we have a heart and compassion for others? May we be on fire for God’s will in 2020! May we be drawn to His Word, to living an active prayer life and to being in step with His will. Help us to forgive as He forgives us. Help us have a Heart like His. Open our eyes to see what He wants us to see & do what HE wants us to do. Prayer for revival in this nation and or ally nations. Turn us back to God! Thank God for Prayer warriors!!!! To God Be the Glory!

Praise God for all of the answered prayer, for all of God’s blessings, help, support, healing, provision, guidance.

Received: September 6, 2020

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