Sister of the Day: Sister Kathleen McGeary

Sister Kathleen (Colette) McGeary  Birthday April 17

Sister Kathleen is our current subprioress.  This is the third time a prioress has called her to be the second-in-command for our monastic community.   So you know that she is responsive and responsible.  You may also know that her stories  begin with “Long story short–” and end with “I’ll never forget it!”  Only the last remark is true.

This is the 100th Centennial of the Sisters of Saint Benedict of Crookston.  Because of our Centennial year, we are featuring a Sister of the Day every Weekday and memories of buildings and happenings on weekends throughout the entire year.   Take a “Peek Behind the Veil” and watch this space every day during the entire 2019 year!  To see past Sisters of the Day or Peeks Behind the Veil, click here: